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Back from Vacation

     So the vacation went really well, and aside from a few wasps in the cabin we stayed in, we didn't hit any issues.  Like most vacations it felt like it didn't last long enough, but we managed to get a couple of days of hiking in at Red River Gorge, and all of the dogs seemed to enjoy it as well.  The photos are a little one sided and you only see photos of Spyro, but it's not easy taking photos while hiking, while also walking two dogs on leashes.   Our cabin was about 10 miles into the middle of nowhere, near a small (and dry) town called Stanton.  Winding back roads and a lot of gravel roads up the side of a mountain were the norm for most of our time around Red River Gorge.  Overall, it was a pretty fantastic trip and a much need break from work and school.  I'm not sure what my next goal is for photos on here, but you can bet that once it starts snowing, I'll be getting plenty of photos of snow and Christmas lights.  


Ian Brandeberry